Three Poxwalkers and a Friend

I recently finished poxwalkers seven through nine of the regulation twenty.  I broke with the tradition of working on identical pairs and included the guy in the center, who doesn’t seem to know which end of a rifle to point at the enemy.  Let’s hope he did better in life than in unlife.  I imagine not or he wouldn’t be in this present fine fix! *

I am continuing with the idea of doing ten green ones wearing orange and ten red ones wearing yellow.  The somewhat turquoise bits are a mixture of Nurgle’s Rot and Nihilakh Oxide.  The white is the ubiquitous Nurgle’s Rot watered down with Skull White to a curdled milk texture.  Otherwise more of what I’ve been doing with slight experiments and variations far too cunning and subtle for my cell phone camera or my CPC photography skills.  Fortunately the Ruinous Powers know all and see all! **

The poxwalkers’ smile is contagious; even the skeletal snake thingie looks happy.

I found the skeletal miniature in a game store bits box. It had never been painted, but looked pretty old and I thought it was neat so I decided it was a worthy addition to my forces, daemonic and otherwise.  I did a little poking around online and couldn’t find my skeletal worthy anywhere.  If anyone knows anything about the production details, I’d appreciate any information you can kindly provide.

The tentacles evoke an earthworm vibe for me.  Yummy!

I have some other stuff done, that I haven’t taken pictures of yet. Still working on the mate to the poxwalker holding his rifle backwareds, and I’m one plaguebearer away from having a unit of ten, and I’ve slipped some cultists into the daemon queue for variety. After all today’s cultists are tomorrow’s poxwalkers and plaguebearers, aren’t they not?

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

++ Thought for the Day:  Those who Hate most love Nurgle Best. ++

* John, you can’t say we didn’t give you fair Nurgle Warning this time because here is it. Enjoy your morning tea!
** “Ruinous” so far as the lapdogs of a corpse emperor holding impotent sway over a dying empire of ignorance are concerned, and rightfully so, at least according to the skeletal snake, who has proven to be very talkative. The plaguebearers have taken to calling him The New Guy or Frasier, though I’m not sure why so far as the latter nickname goes. They won’t tell me as it seems to be some sort of inside joke. Nurgle daemons love their inside jokes!

30 thoughts on “Three Poxwalkers and a Friend

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  8. More nicely manky poxwalkers – reminds me once again that I need to put paint on my own. The snake beastie is rather neat but I’m afraid I can’t help on its origins – tomb kings maybe? Just a guess mind.

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    • Yes, that is the Great Mystery (currently) of Our Times — the origin of the Tomb Kings/Grenadier/Chaos Spawn/AD&D/Black Templar-snake skeletal thingie, who the plaguebearers have named Frazier. I predict the mystery will remain unresolved until the mighty Azazel puts paid to the whole thing. 🙂

      Thank you, the ranks of my poxwalkers are slowly growing in their polychromacy, for which I’m pleased, though not as fast as my plaguebearers. The best thing of all though is I’m pretty chuffed that I learned another British slang word I can slip inconspicuously into my speech the next time (today!) I have a game at My Club!

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  9. I think the snake thing is off an earlier chaos spawn model. I seem to remember seeing a couple of them on one of the forums I’m on. The walkers are coming on nicely they are definitely some of the worst I’ve seen (that’s a good thing of course).

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    • Interesting about the snake model. I’ll be very curious to find out more about it for certain. It is metal for what that is worth.

      Thanks, I’m pleased with how the poxwalkers are coming out and I like how they have done in games too in the sense that they seem to present the general strengths and weaknesses that zombies do in fiction (as opposed to real zombies?).

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    • Thank you, Bjorn. They are fun to work on and easy to experiment with since if I mess something up and don’t like it, I can cover it up pretty easily. If only some of the other factions were so forgiving. I guess that is what it is to bask in the fetid light of Nurgle!

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      • No problem 🙂

        I agree with you, Nurgle models are a lot less restrictive for painting, compared to painting Black Templar space marines (it takes forever highlighting greys on Space marine armour). I think that’s why I’ve seen a lot of bloggers paint Death Guard and Nurgle related models recently.

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        • Yeah, I can imagine Black Templars would certainly present some challenges to paint. My “coming around to Nurgle” started when I first started playing 40K some years ago and one of the armies I played against a lot was Nurgle. I remember thinking they were neat at the time, but I only got into them when (like so many others) I bought Dark Imperium and suddenly I had this Nurgle stuff. What I had no idea about with Nurgle was that it is so much fun to paint, lol.

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          • With enough practice it becomes easier to edge highlight greys on black basecoat, although it took me ages to finally get used to highlighting my models.

            I see a lot of painters do simple painting schemes for Nurgle models, especially the Plague Bearers of Nurgle which look fantastic considering the simplicity of the colour scheme. I usually spray mine in white acrylic basecoat, then ink them in Drakenhoff Nightshade before finally drybrushing it in basic acrylic white. It’s a quick method of painting to save time for deadlines.

            It’s great to hear that your enjoying painting the Death Guard models, they look fantastic to paint. Are you planning on extending your Nurgle force, or keeping it as a small army to use for small games? 🙂

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            • Yes, I imagine it is quite a pain. I’ve only done a little bit of that off and on, myself. I also see a lot of simple but nice-looking Nurgle schemes out there as well. The simple but nice philosophy was what one of the people, who introduced me to 40K, went for with his forces, Nurgle included. What he went for was something that looked good at about three feet and has a whole rather than focusing on individual models. He was painting to game only and didn’t put pictures of his models online. My idea is to paint to please myself, which is to put a bit more attention than that into individual pieces, but I’m painting for gaming too and not so much for display. So there comes a point where I usually end up saying, “I could probably continue to improve this piece more but it is time to move on to the next victim.”

              I doubt my Nurgle force will ever be huge, though who knows? My original thinking was to paint a troop choice for each of the four gods, and once I paint some daemonettes (and the final plaguebearer of the current batch) then I’ll have achieved that. So far I’m finding Nurgle the most fun to paint so there is a good chance that my Chaos forces will be skewed in that direction. As for the Death Guard, I’ll probably keep that force small. I don’t really care for painting space marines that much; even ones as glorious as the sons of Mortarion, and I avoid painting tanks like the plague, which is why I favor armies that substitute monsters for tanks.

              That said, I’m in the middle of putting together a Nurgle Start Collecting box. I’ve just finished the drones and am working on ten more plaguebearers, which I figure will bring my current mob up to 20 … 21 if you count the snake skeleton thingie as a plaguebearer, which is how I’ve been using him; a sort of talkative mascot.

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              • It’s a pain no doubt about that, but the end result is a very rewardable sight if done right with patience.

                Painting for gaming is cool, I think it’s an effort from the collector who might want to paint minimal basic colours. I wouldn’t mind playing against a painted army versus an unpainted one (an entirely unpainted army is uninspiring to play against/with).

                Same, I paint mostly to please myself since I can’t play a lot at my local GW store due to travel and schedule. But it’s still enjoyable to paint nonetheless. I rarely play games now as my only gaming friend is busy, so I’ve never really got into the gaming mindset.

                Awesome, so have you done Tzeentch and Khorne post? If so, then I’ll check them out! 🙂
                What colour scheme are you planning on using for the Daemonettes? If your interested in kit bashing Nurgle kits I’d suggest adding the Blightkings (fantasy or 40k), their a good unit to mix and alter parts for unique looking models.

                Avoiding the tanks like the plague….Heresy! (Jk)
                What do you find difficult about painting tanks? Just curious 🙂
                (I can’t paint block infantry well like the Bloodreavers, my motivation just drops instantly like bowling ball).

                I’ll keep my eye out for your Start collecting Nurgle posts, I’m keen to see how the units will look. 🙂

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                • All things being equal, I also like to play with and against painted armies, though to each their own. Fortunately I can usually find plenty of fun admiring my own lovelies in a game with a fun opponent, even if their forces are shamefully lacking in pigment. That said, I’m one of those people, however, who is always working on something so my forces are often mostly as opposed to fully painted, so it isn’t uncommon to see an unpainted unit or monster of mine slink horribly into the battle. (The less said about my predator and rhinos the better.) Fortunately, being unpainted they seem never to do very well compared to their polychrome brethren.

                  Yes, my goal with starting daemons was to begin by painting one troop choice for each of the gods, though I seem to have gotten side tracked by the noxious joys of Nurgle. I started with a squad of bloodletters and other gribblies, and then a box of horrors. I have indeed posted them on the blog, though some of them might have broken pictures still, since the unfortunate incident with Photobucket changing their terms of service. I’ve fixed some of them, but haven’t gotten around to all of the pages yet. Oddly, I just realized I’ve never put any pictures of my daemon prince up despite the fact he is often the general of my army and a tremendous force for Good.

                  I can’t say that I find painting tanks difficult so much as I’m not interested in them. Never floated my boat, I guess.

                  I’m mostly done putting together my Start Collecting box. Just have to finish the nurglings and putting a few arms on the rest of the plaguebearers, and then I can add them into the painting queue. I’ll probably kick my nurglings to the front of the queue because I think I could use them in some upcoming games to give my opponents’ scouts, rangers, pathfinders, assassins and other such criminal forces something to keep them busy for a short while. They have operated unfettered for far too long.

                  Nice defiler by the way; I like the rust.

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                  • I tend to have few unpainted models for gaming, but it’s a gradual process of getting each unit done. From the hobbyists that I watch on YouTube (Warhammer 40k Theories, Tactical Imperialis and Alexis Ego Queen) they do very simple colour schemes, but they do a good painting batch for the table top.

                    Strange, my unpainted models always get blasted easily :(, the painted ones do a minor amount of improvement though.

                    I’ll have a look at the posts when I have spare time :). I guess not everyone likes the boxed tanks, I personally don’t like the new hover Primaris tank, as it looks too OTT in design.

                    You could do more chaos with a Great Unclean, that’ll be a great centrepiece to your army! How long does it take for you to paint your Nurgle models on average?

                    Thank you! I added loads of rust to make it look like an unused engine from the scrapyard :).

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                    • I’d like to do a GUO someday. That was one of the first big guys I ever faced in 40K, though at the time I had no idea how resilient he was because my opponent was one of those people who is very unlucky with dice in general. His bad luck didn’t extend to his own rolls; he generated a field where he gave his opponents better luck. I have to give him credit that he soldiered on through dice-based games regardless and was able to joke about it.

                      If I ever get around to doing a centerpiece daemon model it’ll be a bloodthirster, because I have one already put together sitting neglected on my shelf. It doesn’t take me that long in actual time spent to paint Nurgle guys, though I enjoy the process and I’m not in a hurry to finish them either. So I often get them to a tabletop standard and then fuss over their carbuncles and such for a while longer. I don’t spend much time painting in any given day because mostly I paint while I’m watching tv with my husband, so for every 10 minutes the paint brush is in my hand it is back in the water jar for 20 minutes.

                      I haven’t really formed much of an opinion about the new SM tanks, though I agree that they do seem a bit over the top in a bad way versus a good way. I recognize that 40K in general is over the top. I mess around with GW models so much though, that it has messed up my aesthetic. When I go and play historical games at conventions and the like, I find myself thinking that the properly scaled weapons look “weedy” and that their heads and feet are too small because I’m exposed to so much 40K. 🙂

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                    • I dared to play GUO for AoS, my opponent didn’t want to face it hehe. The Bloodthirsters are quite spectacular, it would be a fun model to paint.

                      Media surprisingly help the process of paint especially audiobooks and music. So watching tv will help the progress on painting.

                      Aye, it’s amusing comparing an Imperial Guardsmen model to a small 18th century French solider model. Some of the tanks are reasonable like the Land Raider for example, but tanks like the Primaris ones just look odd and impractical.

                      Two final question, which you don’t need to answer if it’s too controversial or if you don’t want to get into the subject. 🙂

                      What are your thoughts on the current situation with GW’s model range not having enough female kits (for example female Cadian guards, Sisters of Battle and so on) and other stuff to do with diversity and inclusivity?

                      Also, what are your thoughts on GW’s approach to attract more women to the hobby community? Do you agree that there need to be changes to be more diverse, or do you think it’s already open for anyone to join? 🙂

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                    • Music is nice. I have a set of wireless headphones I wear about the house when I’m doing housework and the like, and listen to music and talk radio. Watching television slows my painting down a lot, but in the long run it is helpful because I can work it a little on a regular basis during the week and still hang out with my husband. If I only carved out some hobby time when there was no one around, I doubt I’d ever get much done.

                      I don’t really have a strong opinion about women in the hobby or female kits. It seems like many of the male players I encounter in games or at the stores I go to feel much more strongly about it than I do but I’ll throw out some quick thoughts on the subject. 🙂

                      I’d like to be able to play games with more women, and part of the problem is that more women aren’t going to play because there aren’t any women playing and so on going around and around in a loop. Also, at least in my generation (I’m in my 50’s) toy soldiers were “for boys only” though given where Western culture is going that might change in the years to come.

                      My gateway to miniature gaming was RPG’s and the fact that I have always enjoyed arts and crafts. I started with painting a miniature to be my character for D&D, found I liked it. Then I worked in a game store some years ago and tried to help keep the 40K scene active because it made money for the shop, and got hooked on it myself. If it had been a case where I walked into a store and watched a bunch of guys playing 40K, I probably wouldn’t have been too interested in learning to play.

                      If the idea in making more female models is to attract more women into the hobby, then I think they should make them more like the ones at Victoria Miniatures, for example, where they have women modeled to look like soldiers. The cheese cake female models that I mostly see (though there are some exceptions) seem to me like they are more aimed at men. I certainly have no interest in collecting such miniatures as I would imagine most men would not want to collect, say, space marines if they were dressed and modeled in beef cake poses.

                      If the idea is to sell a more inclusive and diverse set of armies to their existing almost entirely male fan base, then I think more cheese cake female models is a good idea. (Remember that I’m talking in generalities here, and not about all men or all women.) If the idea is to attract women, then it is a bad idea. If they want to do both, then perhaps offer both options. I’d certainly welcome some options in the existing guard kits to make a unit of troopers that includes both men and women, which in addition to being inclusive also fits the existing fluff since I highly doubt that women are excluded from the draft for the Imperial Tithe.

                      That said, I do appreciate GW including women in their pictures of people playing the game, having a few of their painting videos narrated by women (though I do love Duncan too!) and so on. It is nice to get a nod from the company acknowledging that we exist in the hobby even if in small numbers.

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                    • Wireless earphones must be less hassle without the wire being tangled and caught all of the time. I’m still using wire earphones, the wires can be annoying at times lol.

                      At least TV is helpful for the process work :). I can understand what you mean, it’s difficult doing painting work when there are people around (In my case too much noisy distractions).

                      That’s interesting, from what I’ve gathered, as well as what you’ve said, most gamers who want female models are male players on different media. I guess it’s either for aesthetic reasons or for narrative story gameplay that Male gamers want female models.

                      I see, so is it because the hobby at club/store doesn’t appeal to most women, or more or less the gameplay? I think people’s views on the hobby will change every decade, as more people will join the hobby. It’s great to see women join the hobby as it’s a refreshing change to have more players to share hobby tips and to game with. The store manger at my local GW is female, but no one complains about that, and she’s a very good manger compared to the past mangers over 8 years since I’ve joined the hobby.

                      The situation that I’m concerned with is with the increase of people joining who have certain views will change the hobby for better or worse?

                      That makes sense, I can’t imagine GW designing a Cadian guardswomen dresses in a Hoody and jeans with a Lasgun lol. I’ve never heard of Victoria miniatures before, what do they specialise in?

                      Cheese cake female model? What a strange name to have for a model. I can’t image a space marine walking around with beef cake looking dress for battle lol.

                      I’m not sure what a Cheese cake female model is, so I’ll assume it’s an over the top model design? I see your point, I guess there’s balance for how GW can model kits for both target audiences, or single targeted audience. Yeah there’s defiantly been mention of female imperial guards in the lore, especially art in some RPG books for 40k. Not sure how GW can do female space marines though due to lore reasons.

                      That’s good to hear, at least the company is appealing to a wider audience . A female voice narrator? Which videos was that on? I know a couple of years ago there was a painter for painting tutorials who was a women (I forgot her name) who did Legion painting videos for the battle of Calth boxset with Duncan. Duncan’s great, two thin coats always echoes in the back of my mind when painting basecoat.

                      As long as GW isn’t pushed for an agenda or political ideology to its consumers, then I think the company can improve its model range without too much controversy.

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  10. Indeed, we aim to please! 🙂

    Thank you, I don’t know if pustulous is a word; I’ll have to ask Frasier. It sounds like it ought to be so if you believe it is and I believe it is then it is, so I believe it is a word! Isn’t Belief a wonderous thing?

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  11. Ha ha, how can I possibly complain about the warning being right at the end of the post so I have to look through all the pictures to get there! That would just be downright ungrateful!
    As always, you’ve done a disgusting job! Unfortunately, the pustulous (is there such a word?) skin looks far too realistic! Like the way your colours all blend really well! Impressive!

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  12. Thank you. When I saw Frasier languishing unloved and unpainted and un-put-on-a-25mm-base-with-sand-and-a-fake-shrubbery, my heart went out to him so after much heated bargaining and threats, I plunked down my two bits and he was mine! Yes, Azazel does seem to be the expert in these matters, that is true.


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