… and two more poxwalkers

I finished up two more poxwalkers, numbers five and six of the requisite twenty-strong mob from the boxed set.  I continued with the idea of having two general schemes:  the green ones with orange clothes and the reddish ones with yellow clothes.  That way I could use them as two units as well as one big mob.  In a bigger mob, they have a little variation makes them look a little less like they are in lockstep, but still somewhat unified.

One little trick I tried this time was using Vallejo rust wash around some of the open sores on the red-colored poxwalker.  I noticed that the areas I applied it to looked more inflamed without being bloody.  (Shows up better in person, as is often the case with my cell phone pictures.)  I haven’t tried the technique on the green ones yet, but perhaps I will if I remember.

For next time I’m hoping for another Nurgle trio since I have poxwalker seven all done except for the base, and number eight is about half done. The plaguebearers are no problem. They paint up much more quickly since they don’t wear clothes or carry much around other than swords and the burden of their self-imposed accountancy of Nurgle’s Gifts throughout the universe. I imagine the musician and the standard-bearer will take some more effort though, once I turn my brush in their direction.

I’ve also added a small project to my queue painting up some old metal models I found in a game store bits box.  I scrounged almost enough for a little warband of sorts. Hoping to do some green stuff work on one of them this weekend.

10 thoughts on “… and two more poxwalkers

  1. Nice work on these two Ann. I’ll have to remember that rust wash trick when I get around to doing my next batch of zombies or the poxwalkers.
    Hmm… maybe I should bring poxwalkers to work to do my trimming there over the next month instead of yet more space marines?

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  2. You do have a gift for making the servants of Nurgle look as revolting as they should. I wasn’t a big fan of the models as they seemed too cartoony, but painting like this brings out their true colours.

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    • Thank you. I’ve never painted anything like this before and so far it is a lot of fun. I also find them a bit too cartoonish for my tastes as well. I vaguely remember saying, when I was doing the first ones that instead of the forced rictus grins of a living death that I read about in the fluff, the models seem more like they have an evil clown thing going on. Still, I’ve tried to paint them in the way I imagine them, and as it happens the way they seem to work out in games. I probably wouldn’t have bought them as a stand-alone kit, but I’m glad that I have them as part of the boxed set nonetheless. I probably will buy the six snap-together poxwalkers, which are different sculpts, once I’m done with the 20 I have.

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