Bucking for Herald

So I finished up my third plaguebearer the other day.  The first thing that struck me were the three beady eyes.  “How cute!” I exclaimed.  That was when I noticed the face grinning up at me out of her stomach.  That’s when I knew I was talking to no ordinary plaguebearer, assuming there is such a thing.

She has a lot going on.  Originally I did the belly face with some dark shades, but changed my mind a few times and decided I wanted it to stand out from a distance.  So I settled on yellow with a healthy dose of slime, especially around the mouth.

I’m also rather pleased with how the yellow puddle on the base and on her lower torso came out.  I mixed wood glue with a bit of bright yellow paint, Italian seasoning, ground ginger, and some of my husband’s dandruff.  Sealed it with varnish as a preservative and so she wouldn’t make my whole army smell like a plate of spaghetti with ginger.

I call this stuff going on with her arm Emerald Pox.  I’m using it on some other plaguebearers and in the spirit of such entities I am keeping a catalog of diseases so I want to mention how I did it here.  Too often I do something, want to do it again later on, and have the reinvent the wheel because I’ve forgotten.

Started out with a wash of Biel-Tan Green, heavier where the concentrations of pustules are greater.  Then I picked out each boil with Moot Green.  Simple, and pretty too.  I’m inclined to make a gift of this disease to my other lovelies and who knows, if I get ambitious maybe some cultists or lucky guardsmen.

Here, on the left leg we have a nicely developing case of Black Bloat.  I only vaguely remember how I did this one.  I think I started out with Nuln Oil, then a modest amount of Leviathan Purple.  I also used a small amount of Asurmen Blue, and finally carefully applied some Nuln Oil Gloss around the folds.  I used the older washes instead of their new counterparts because they were at hand and I’m trying to use them up.

I think that I might have gone a little overboard.  I tried to resist but I couldn’t and finished off with the final touch being the much desired and arcane Mark of Ann.  I think the Kromlech “Morbid Spawn” languishing miserably in my paint queue might be in trouble because this young lady is apparently bucking for herald!

Happy Samhain all!

Nurgle image 125 wide


20 thoughts on “Bucking for Herald

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  3. Eww!! 😀 That’s the best worst one I’ve seen in a long while. Getting the drips in the right spot is hard, but you certainly did it. I don’t wanna know if she sat in in what’s on her rear end or if it came out nearby! Don’t think you have gone overboard (or if you have, then its the right amount of overboard action).

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    • Thank you, I did work hard on getting it to drip right and had to move things around quite a bit before I was happy. Yes, I agree with you, there are certain questions that are best left unanswered….


  4. A very suitable Halloween post! She looks great*, and what you did to get that yellow was definitely above and beyond.

    * For Nurgleish values of “great” 😉 #

    # I liked your Regimental Standardesque parenthetical aside. 😉

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  5. Pappa Nurgle sure would be proud of such a gifted follower as you. Well done, adding dandruff to the mix? Man, I never knew these models took or could even take so much planning to look so disgustingly beautifull. Well done Ann

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    • Many thanks! I can’t say that there is much planning involved; it is more painting in the moment, really. As for the dandruff, I was wondering out loud about the “yellow stuff” when hubby (always game, as you’d expect from someone who loves all things Ultramarine) volunteered the dandruff.

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    • Oh no, I don’t think this is the first time I’ve put the proverbial plague fly in your tea! Sorry about that, perhaps I should put a Nurgle Warning on my posts? 🙂

      Thank you very much, she was a lot of fun to paint. Worked hard getting that yellow right; think I might try curry next time. When I first started painting daemons I told people, who asked which was my favorite, that I liked them all equally. Things might change but currently I have to say that I’m finding Nurgle to be far and away my favorite.

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