A Second Nurgle Trio

Today’s offering to the resident Great Unclean One is a second triumvirate of Nurgle troops to go with the first trio I finished back in early September.  Only twenty-four more models to go and both squads will be done.  A good thing neither Nurgle nor Mortarion expect their fetid warriors to be speedy.  I’ll be in real trouble though when I start painting daemonettes!

I’m pleased with how the left guy’s back pustules turned out.  I thought dry brushing some black and then white added a little interest.

So I decided to try something different with the maggots on the fellow to the left this time instead of the traditional well-fed white look.  I did a yellow wash and then glossed them up to represent a somewhat rarer sub-species of carrion crawler.  They turned out alright I thought, but in hindsight I probably should have put them on the guy with the orange loincloth instead.

A second plaguebearer completes this offering’s trio.  Nothing too innovative here, though I did experiment with glossy Nuln Oil to darken up some of the wounds.  I was also going to have pus weeping from the daemon’s single eye, but I didn’t like the way it ended up looking.  So I decided it was weeping blood instead and made the change.

I wanted to add something a little different to his sword too so I watered down some bright yellow and then dry brushed white onto the tip.  I was going for a somewhat chalky texture, so I used tap water instead of Lahmian Medium.  Could be poison, could be a fungus growing on the end of his blade, could be a paste concocted from the bearer’s own rotting innards.  Perhaps all of that and more!

Next time (surprise!) I’m planning on posting yet another Nurgle trio.  This will continue until either both squads are done or I get tired of painting them and decide to throw some pink horrors into my queue.


12 thoughts on “A Second Nurgle Trio

  1. Excellent painting. The Poxwalker looks very pleased with himself; perhaps he’s just seen the good job you’ve done on his sores? I also really like the shiny effect you have put on the wounds of the Plaguebearer. Can you go into more detail about the use of the Nuln Oil? I use it all the time and it doesn’t give me that shiny effect.

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    • Thank you. The poxwalkers as a group seem a very cheerful lot, considering, but perhaps these two are especially happy what with being painted and standing out as such from the rest of the army. My Nurgle forces are probably tired of being scoffed at by my painted Khorne daemons as well as the painted horrors making up little mocking nursery rhymes about the Great Unprimed Ones, Invasion of the Monochrome Blight, etc.

      I use Glossy Nuln Oil to get the shiny effect with a black ink. Makes it very simple. Before I tried watering down glossy black paint or applying regular Nuln Oil and then a light touch of ‘Ard Coat. Since the GNO came out, I haven’t looked back.


  2. Disgusting in the best way – love that daemon’s eye especially, it’s quite stomach churning! As for the speed of painting them goes you’ve managed twice as many Poxwalkers as I have in a lot less time (and the less said about the daemonettes who’ve been waiting on my desk for several years now the better…)

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    • Thank you, I’m glad his cyclops eye worked out because it was a mistake that I ended up just covering in blood. It is good to read there is even a slower painter than I am, at least lately, because my wretched Nurgle forces would very much like to take their side along with my other daemonic offerings as Scions of the Painted. 🙂

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    • Many thanks. I dropped the plaguebearer when I was painting him and his hand broke off at the wrist. So I glued it on backwards, thinking it would look neat but like so many things that seem good in the abstract it didn’t, so then I broke it off again, glued it back on the right way and slapped some blood and such on it … better than new. Painting Nurgle guys sure is forgiving. 🙂


  3. Ugh for the Ugh God!

    When I was building my Plague Bearers, I ended up with the last one having no way to go together except with its sword basically right across its face. So I found a head that looked like it was licking it, and figured that was how they poison the blades.

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