Blue Horrors Finished

So I finished painting my ten blue horrors.  Now I have to start on my pink horrors, though some plaguebearers and poxwalkers seemed to have wandered their way into my painting queue.

A group shot with their brimstone friends.
I made each horror’s knife different so I could play around with various ideas.

12 responses to “Blue Horrors Finished”

    • Thanks, the daggers were fun because I got to try out some ideas without committing to a larger model. I’m working on some poxwalkers and plaguebearers now, which I’m finding extremely forgiving because if I make a mistake or don’t like something I can just cover it with gore and call it a day. After that it’ll be daemonettes to complete a troop choice for each of the gods, and I’m not sure how I want to proceed there yet.

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