Blue Horrors!

So with my brimstone horrors done, I started working my way up the Tzeentch troop ladder with these blue guys.  I like how you can mix and match your horrors within a single unit now.  Fun and colorful, plus when a list comes in at some odd number a few points below the total we are playing at, I can toss in another horror and all is well.

I used some Blood God paint to try and hide the mistake I made on the one with the red tongue.

I painted tiny A’s on some of them to stand for Mark of Ann.  They are so small that I doubt anyone will ever notice them in games, but I’m sure the Great Conspirator would approve of such small, unnoticed details.  As for the plantar pink smiley face on the horror below on the right, I didn’t really have anything particular in mind.  It just seemed the thing to do at the time after I finished highlighting his tongue.

The “A” on their legs stands for “Mark of Ann!”

I’m almost done with the mob of 10 blue horrors.  After that I’ll begin work on the pink horrors next as well as some plaguebearers and poxwalkers.  Since I favor all of the gods more or less equally, my plan is to paint up at least one troops choice for each of the four Chaos Gods.



14 responses to “Blue Horrors!”

    • Thanks! I think I’ll gloat when they do really well and mutter something about their “special super secret Mark that can only be seen by the initiated.”


  1. Great stuff on these Horrors here Ann, and I do like the subtle hidden A on them as well. I especially like that you *think* it stands for “Ann”… 😉

    If I can make a request for a group shot once you’ve finished all the Pink/Blue/Brimstone Horrors that you plan to do in the near future?

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    • Thank you, Azazel. Sure, I’ll be glad to do a group shot; I’m probably going to stick to 10 each for now since I’m doing miniatures of all the gods rather than a Tzeentch army.

      Hehehe … of course it stands for Ann … certainly not Azazel! 🙂

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    • Yes, I think they could be said to be cute. For some reason though, my opponents thus far have found them cute in the way it is cute to get a light poke in the eye, but they are just jealous, I’m sure.


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