Neat Space Ship in the Santa Clara Sector

I visited the Game Kastle store in Mountain View, California for the first time a few days ago and saw some neat miniatures in their display cases.  I particularly liked this space ship.  It reminded me a little of an Omega class destroyer from Babylon Five, which was one of my favorite television shows some years ago.

Interesting Space Ship Mountain View GK March 17 2017
No idea what game, if any, this ship is from or for, but I like it. Looks like it might be scratch built/kit bashed?

This ship is going to stick in my mind whenever I talk about the inept orbital bombardments, sketchy teleportation near misses, and the like for which my evil Space Wolves are known thanks to their ‘good enough … they’ll figure it out’ philosophy concerning all things relating to space and to a lesser extent technology in general.

6 responses to “Neat Space Ship in the Santa Clara Sector”

    • I don’t know; there weren’t any placards saying who painted the miniatures or anything about them, so I assume they are just displaying their work. If they are trying to sell them, they are doing a poor job of advertising. 🙂

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  1. Yes, that was my thought as well and I agree it is pretty neat making nice-looking models out of junk. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to get the full olfactory effect of the ship since it was in a display case. 😦


  2. Brilliant – looks like an excellent example of the noble tradition of building sci-fi vehicles out of deodorant tubes, bits of stuff, and toy parts! That’s proper old-school that is, (and they smell good too!)

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