Max Mini’s Mean Green Gobbo

I recently finished painting this goblin miniature from Maxmini, which they call a Mean Green Gobbo.  I’ve had him for a few years now.  I originally bought him when many of my opponents were using Marbo and I thought this guy would make for a humorous answer to that worthy super commando.


I considered trying to do some pupils for his eyes.  In the cell phone pictures I think he could use some, though from table top distances I doubt anyone is going to notice.  I might do so one of these days when I’m painting something else, but I’m not too worried about it.

I also tried out some Vallejo gun metal blue for the first time on his left gun.  I used Nuln Oil over it, but decided I didn’t like how dark it was, so I did a heavy second layer of blue.  Then I added a little silver to the blue for the highlights, and just a very light touch of silver only to a couple of places I wanted to be very light, such as the muzzle tip.


I’ll probably use him to keep some of my artillery or foot gretchin in line when my commissar is too busy for such mundane duties.  (He usually is to be found these days among the boyz.)  He’s kind of short for a gretchin minder, but I think if I allow my opponent to draw line of sight from the top of his right thump gun, then that’ll be about the same height as a standard runtherd.

Further, his Moar Dakka approach to things certainly gives him at least the same shooting and close combat power as any goblin leader, though trying to fire everything at once, like I’m sure he inevitably does, isn’t going to be too great for his accuracy.



17 thoughts on “Max Mini’s Mean Green Gobbo

    • Yes, my cell phone pictures aren’t the clearest, that’s for sure. 🙂

      His hair is green as well. I originally was going to paint it yellow, but decided to just leave the bandanna yellow.


  1. Thank you very much. Yes, I really liked the model, though he was in someone rough shape with holes and stuff with the resin, so it took quite a bit of work to get him ready to paint. Still, I really like the model and it was the extra effort. Yes, old Sergeant Dakkabo, a nickname he seems to have picked up in the ranks, would very much love a go at the evil Orks from the West. Despite our lack of technological savvy in comparison to the German Orks, we can drown them in seas of bodies, and if you have been artillery and tanks and stuff pouring into production, well, you have seen nothing yet. We challenge you, Wehrmacht Orks to show us that your way is better, because right now we think we are the bosses of you!

    For the Motherland!

    From the office of Grand Emperor Warboss Hungry, Dominator of all green skins, Honorary Shas’o of the Tau Empire, Bane of Logan Grimnar, Scythe Against the Necrons, Terror of Gretchin, etc. etc.


  2. What a cool little dude. Very nice model and very nice job on the paint. When are Maxmini going to release their green machine Orc GI’s range?? They’re so cool looking and would be a good addition/adversary to a German Ork army I’ve been working on.

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    • Heh, yes, I thought so when I bought him too. I like how ge combines a sort of aggressive underdog attitude with Moar Dakka and a cheerful sense that if you don’t do what he says he has forty seven different ways to murder you and hat is just with the one guy with the red rokki. I guess he is Kunninly Brutal and not Brutally Kunnin’ … or something.

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    • Thank you for the tip. Poor fellow is likely to go into the ranks without varnish. I have found that I only need to varnish my metal miniatures. The plastics and resins seem to stand up to normal play pretty well for me. 🙂

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        • Oh, that’s horrid!

          I had my own frosting issues with spray on sealer some years ago with my killa kanz. I was furiously (in more than one sense of the word) scrubbing at them with q-tips dipped in olive oil — extra virgin of course — for weeks!

          These days for metal miniatures I use a brush on glossy and then a matte over that. Someone suggested that when you start to see shiny bits again then that means the matte has worn down and the mini needs a touch up. Good advice, I thought.

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