Tentacles for the All Father!

I painted some terminators a couple of years ago now. They were re-purposed Assault on Black Reach models I inherited, and then I magnetized the arms that weren’t already cemented on. So right in time for our last game I finished a magnetized Power Tentacle arm!


I did the crux terminatus  on the shoulder pad a little differently this time too. When I first painted them I conceived that these guys were sort of “no nonsense” and went for a basic color scheme. So their armor is mechanicus standard gray with a black ink wash with the crux being the old charadon granite color. Looks ok, I guess, when you look at it three inches from your eyeball but on the table, when one is playing, it blends in too much and the whole model seems like maybe they are taking their spartan aesthetics just a bit too far.

So for the power tentacle pad I used fenris blue, drowned it in black ink, then relayered with blue.  Highlighted with a bit of lothern blue and then a touch of white.  I thought this might be a bit more noticeable and add a bit of color and interest while preserving my original ideas.  I probably won’t bother to go back and redo the old guys, but going forward I think I like the new crux much better.




8 thoughts on “Tentacles for the All Father!

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  3. The new Crux looks much better. Probably worth going and redoing the older ones if there’s not too many. A quick batch paint alongside some new ones when you’re painting them would do the trick.

    However…. power tentacles alongside a Crux Terminatus? Heresy!

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    • There might be just a hint of heresy, but if there is no one left alive, I mean no one around to see it is it still heresy? 🙂

      Yes, you are right, I probably should redo them. I’m going to start working on a small squad of more terminators, who all have wolf claws (and tentacles) to do that Void Claw formation in Champions of Fenris, where they can deep strike on turn one and re-roll the scatter dice, etc. etc.

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