Space Wolf Jump Pack Trio

The new guy is the one in the middle.

After completing my goal of 1000 points of Space Wolves before the end of 2014, I’ve drastically slowed down but not stopped adding to the army.  My goal now is to eventually get to 1500 points without having to use my husband’s Ultramarines as stand-in’s.

The latest addition is an assault marine pictured above between two of his friends, who I completed awhile ago now.  I got a good deal on a couple of boxes of figures because I bought them right before the new ones came out as part of updating the Space Marine codex.  My latest assault marine has seen a few battles now as a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, though once I get the rest of the box done he will probably find himself among the Skyclaws.

As usual I painted his power armor with Mechanicus Standard Grey, followed by a heavy wash of Badab Black, then a dry brush of Administratum Grey.  When I first started my Space Wolves I tried highlighting their armor, but didn’t like how clean and polished they ended up looking.  I wanted a sort of no frills, “rougher” look without doing a bunch of environmental effects like sand or mud.  I found that simply dry brushing the armor gave me the effect I was looking for.

So once I finish up the Skyclaws, I’ll have to decide which of the four projects I want to work on next.  I have a vindicator that has been sitting around half finished for a very long time now.  Alternately, a Stormwolf might be a worthy addition to my forces, adding some needed air support and especially anti-air.  Third, I’d eventually like a Void Claw formation because I usually field a lot of terminators who arrive by deep strike.  I’ve been using the aegis line with a comm relay and want another option for keeping my reserve rolls reliable.  Especially one my opponent can’t potentially use as well.  So I’ll need to paint and magnetize a bunch of lightning claw arms to go on my existing terminators.

Lastly, my liaison officer has been calling on our friends the Ultramarines for devastator help for long enough now.  It is high it is time to load honors and accolades upon my husband’s loyal, blue friends and send them in glory back to Ultramar and paint some long fangs to take the place of these puissant worthies.

8 thoughts on “Space Wolf Jump Pack Trio

  1. Thanks. I tried it in the traditional blue-gray and didn’t like how it came out. I also tried some different colors for their shoulderpads, such as yellow and red, but again, didn’t like it. For some reason I favor the plain look, maybe with a little gold trim/skull or a black wolf head here and there. It’ll probably take awhile to grow to 1500 since I’m painting orks, daemonkin and the occasional Necron in parallel with the Wolves. I have Skyclaw #2 almost done, though he looks an awful lot like Skyclaw #1/WGBL here. After that I”ll probably do a couple of special weapons — I’m thinking of magnetized meltaguns to start.


  2. Looking great Ann – the ‘rougher’ look is very effective in grey, and suits the pups perfectly. Looking forward to seeing this grow to 1500 (and not having to rely on goody-goody Ultras to make up the numbers!)

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  3. I never hi light. One because I don’t really know how to do it haha but two I prefer the dirty weathered battle savaged look. Space wolves are my favourite chapter. I love their wild barbaric look! I’ve always had an interest in Vikings etc. Your miniatures look great!!

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