I’ve been working on terminators lately and playing them as Space Wolves most of the time.  Fortunately for me there is a detachment in the Champions of Fenris supplement that allows one to use elites without requiring troops.  So I’ve been painting these guys as time allows.

Eight terminators practicing their patented anti-armor deep strike formation.   Codex Astartes be damned!

The bodies are all Assault on Black Reach terminators.  The two combi-meltas are Chaos Space Marine bits where I’ve filed down some of the spikes.  Ditto on the power axe and maul.  The storm shield is Space Wolf obviously and the cyclone missile launcher is a Kromlech “zephyr missile launcher”.

A few of the arms are glued or held on by pins, but many of them are magnetized as well, as is the missile launcher.  I figure that Space Wolf terminators have the advantage of being highly flexible in terms of what they take for weapons, so I might get into trouble with the Fang if I don’t keep their options open.  I’m already in enough trouble from that quarter!

Practice makes perfect! A textbook teleportation deep behind enemy lines.

I’ve kept these guys fairly generic on purpose so I can also run them as wolves, generic space marines and also as chaos marines.  After all, I like to use my models in different ways because I play a lot and like to change up both my lists and my codex, but I do want my forces to at least somewhat look the part.

Perhaps some magnetized tentacles might be in order?

3 thoughts on “Terminators!

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  2. I figure I magnetize anything else, so why not tentacles? And nothing says Chaos, I think quite like some terminator with a tentacle coming out his back or something. 🙂 But, no, er … yes you are right, the last thing anyone wants is trouble with The Fang. Look what happened to poor Magnus and his boys.


  3. Magnetized tentacles sounds amazing, I hadn’t considered that before but it would be the way to swap instantly between Chaos and Loyalist Marines. However, I think I can say quite categorically that this kind of switching sides will definitely get one in trouble with The Fang! And really, no-one wants that…

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