Charge of the Light Briga– … er Wolves!

I’ve been working on my Space Wolves for several months now, and decided to play them in a live game for the first time, with liberal amounts of my husband’s Ultramarines sprinkled in as “counts as” Space Wolves.  So I took a few pictures with my cell phone.  I was originally attracted to painting the Wolves because of the canines in the army, but I’m finding I like how they play as well with their balance of capabilities between shooting and assault.  They’ll make a nice change from my orks.

Land Speeder Pattern “Confused”

I had the speeder kit laying around for a couple of years, purchased back when my husband was playing the game.  I ended up playing in a marine tournament where we all had to bring the same list and this was one of the units, so I built it with the weapons the tournament called for.  I had misgivings about not specializing, but after playing it (unpainted) in Ultramarine armies a few times, I find I like the general utility given my play style is to generally show up not necessarily knowing what I’m playing against.  Plus sometimes it has survived long enough to destroy a vehicle and later in the game torch an infantry squad.  Being over-specialized can be a problem if you are fielded as a suicide unit but end up not dying as planned!

Charge of the Light Wolves!

The fenrisian wolves charge down the field, bravely ignoring the mega-armored warboss.  The giant ork is a rock in a snarling river of brown and tan fur.  The wolf guard battle leader, “Thor who rides the thunderwolf,” says it is because they wanted to destroy the enemy’s battlewagon.  I think the truth is they knew they couldn’t do much to the warboss between his armor and that lucky stick thing, so they figured on leaving that particular headache to what was left of the terminator squad.

Strangely, my Space Wolves don’t have last names.  They are known as “Thor who rides the thunderwolf,” and “Terminator Thor,” “Henpecked Harald” and so on.  I guess it isn’t so strange since space marines usually leave their past lives behind them when they join the Adeptus Astartes.

Those sneaky gitz!

Here we have Snigrot, his nob lieutenant (“Power Klaw Pete?”) sneaking his boyz right through the middle of the Space Wolf table edge.  I thought their grass camo cloaks were a very nice touch!  They chased my whirlwind around for awhile.  It shot a lot of missiles but never really hit much.  Then an outflanking squad of grey hunters showed up and got massacred by the greenskins, who then went back to chasing the whirlwind around some more.  They also paused to throw rotten fruit at some long fangs, who were too busy with their own troubles to do much about it.  I don’t think anything in general got them, just attrition from running around attacking everything in sight.

It is pretty keen how Snigrot lets his guys come in from any board edge.  I really wish they hadn’t taken that away from wolf scouts.  I guess despite the keen senses and hunter’s instincts of the Space Wolves, there is still a thing or two they could learn from that wily old ork!