Swords Against Tanks!

I played my orks in a three player game recently.  My friend played Imperial Fists, who were my allies, and together we took on a mechanized Guard player.  There were ruins in each of our deployment zones but otherwise a featureless board in no-man’s land. The mission was a custom one featuring victory points for controlling table quarters, so we had to spread our forces out a bit.

The Guard sent their battle tanks to deal with the space marines and earmarked two veteran squads in chimeras and two devil dogs (fast melta tanks) to roll up the orks on their right flank. After a couple of turns of maneuvering and counter-maneuvering, the Guard managed to blow up both of my battle wagons. The one with 20 boyz ended up taking no wounds.  Pretty surprising to be sure.  Although none of the boyz were injured they were plenty agitated!

This game the boyz acted like they had Preferred Enemy: Unpainted Models!

The boyz charged both of the devil dogs and beat them to death with their swords, axes, and clubs. (Never had to use the power klaw, which was good because I was hoping to avoid having my boyz climb all over tanks and then have them blow up.) They received a bit of an assist from a couple of nobz with great axes on the devil dogs, but otherwise the nob squad and warboss were only a small factor in the coming onslaught.  It was as if the nobz and boyz had sort of traded places.

One of the chimera trundled up, unloaded their veterans and shot a few orks dead. Then the boyz got together and turned their vehicle upside down and ran off what few veterans remained. The nobz finished off the survivors, apparently taking care of the boyz’ light work.

Not a spent force yet, they then ran over to the second chimera pictured in the far right corner of the picture and beat it to death with their swords too. The boyz soon finished off those veterans as well, but suffered heavy losses to flame throwers. So one squad of 20 boyz settled the hash of the entire Guard right flank and now the remaining boyz set their sights on a leeman russ squadron that was dueling a couple of razorbacks entrenched behind some ruins.

It was not meant to be for the boyz. Their beautiful Waaagh! dream was just about over. They finally bit off more than they could chew and were obliterated three battle cannon shots, along with a little supporting fire, later. Still, the sole survivor was the nob, who sheltered behind a ruin in the Guard deployment zone and scored at the end of the game for line breaker and also victory points for the scenario we were doing.

Pretty fine work for a squad of ork boyz. I think that nob deserves a promotion or least an assignment to another squad of boyz he can lord it over. For what it is worth we scored a resounding victory, which was good because we were otherwise 0-2 in the tournament. Going home 1-2 is a lot better than 0-3!

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