It isn’t every day …

I played in a tournament last weekend where a bunch of space marine chapters were engaged in a friendly competition for the “Emperor’s Cup”. All of the players had to take the same space marine list. The game was three rounds and each battle took place in a different environment — vacuum, underwater, and with high winds.

I had a lot of fun, but the thing that impressed me most was the centerpiece terrain on our table for the first game. It was made out of (among other things) a Necron tesseract vault, and it had a switch where you could make it light up. Very cool!

6 responses to “It isn’t every day …”

  1. Thank you. A lot of them loosely have uniforms because of the back story I cooked up for them, but I did try to give them some individuality where I could as well, especially the nobz. I do have a fair number, though eventually I hope to have more boyz so I can eventually do a proper horde from time to time.


    • Yes, I was highly impressed by the piece as well. When I first started playing I commented that whoever built the thing did a really good job, right before I put my land speeder on top it to try and take a short cut to blow up some of my enemy’s armor, and promptly immobilized the thing.

      About half way through the game the other player, who also happened to be the game store owner, said, “Oh yeah, I probably ought to turn the thing on.” When he did that really put it over the top for me coolness-wise. 🙂

      Thanks for the visit. I really like your orks on your blog.

      — Ann


      • Cheers, I’m also really impressed with your Orks – I like that you’ve made them all quite individual. I feel its how Orks should be but as it’s something I’ve also tried to do I know its not easy, especially as you end up with so many of them!


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