Wolf Pack!

Fenrisian Wolves

I have a lot of 40K stuff sitting alone and afraid in my closet, unpainted and apparently unloved, and that includes a ton of space wolves.  I’ve finally wound up my long-standing ork shoota boy squad project, so I thought I’d turn my attention to some marines.

Now space wolves for me are all about the canines, which is why I like them better than other marines.  So I painted these five fenrisian wolves, which constitutes a minimum-sized unit.  I put them on desert bases because everyone I know who bothers to paint their models does snow for this faction and I wanted to be different.  I already have it all worked out what I’ll tell people when they look down and ask “Space wolves in the desert?”  My wolves are “currently taking part in extended operations on a desert world and through the magic of eugenics and so on have bred wolves that are adapted to the local conditions.  Besides being resistant to the heat they make great if somewhat cranky pets with a penchant for chewing stray power armor boots.”

I have another ten models, which I primed about a year ago, ready to paint.  This will give me a maximum unit.  My plan for the space wolves is some guys, some guys riding wolves, and a lot of wolves. I think I’ll get on my priests and prod them to breed a strain of fenrisian wolf with thumbs and a ballistic skill so they can man the quad gun.”

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