Moar Boyz: Trukk Squad Done

Ork Hard Boy Trukk SquadI finished my ‘ard shoota boyz trukk squad after several months of work.  They are mostly armed with Kalashnikovs, which have proven a robust and effective assault rifle in the far future.  I painted enough orks so that I can run them with just shootas or I can include a rokkit or big shoota, as well as two different choices of nob.  One is decked out in a full suit of armor with a shield made out of a vehicle door.  The other nob is more refined, standing with his arms folded behind his back, serene and seemingly above the fray in his commissar’s great coat.

I used a lot of Kromlech bits for this project.  Armored torsos of course, as well as a few sets of running legs.  The heads were mostly from Spellcrow, as were the arms, which are quite a bit larger than GW ork arms.  Not quite big enough for a nob but larger than a boy.  This suited me just fine because I view these guys as a sort of elite squad, not quite nobz but certainly a cut above regulars.

My nob with the door was a GW fantasy model I added a power klaw and a piece clipped from the rear quarter panel of a trukk.  The commissar nob was a Kromlech model.  This fit perfectly since i try to model my orks as a sort of psuedo-Soviet force.  This works particularly well thematically when they have Guard allies, I think.

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