Moar Boyz!

four recently painted orks

I finished painting the first four boyz of what will be another trukk squad of twelve orks.  I assembled them mostly from Kromlech bits.  I used Kromlech’s armored torsos and mixed in some heads with helmets from Spellcrow because I might occasionally field them as 4+ armor save ‘ard boyz for friendly games.  The idea is they think of themselves as an elite unit and we know that when orks believe something it often can come true.

four recently painted orks 02

I forget where I bought the guns, which is unfortunate because properly ork-scaled Soviet weaponry isn’t that easy to find.  Fortunately I bought enough to complete the squad and then some in case I want to expand them to a battlewagon unit.

The arms were also from Spellcrow.  They are noticeably larger than standard GW ork arms, though not too big, I think in keeping with their air of superiority or perhaps delusions of grandeur.  Maybe they spend a lot of time in-between battles doing curls and push-up’s with their hands close together?

I’m using a mix of Kromlech ‘running legs’ and standard GW ones.  I like the dynamic look the running legs give the squad versus the standard legs, which make the boyz look like they are standing around.

I magnetized the big shoota arm on the ork with the gas mask in case I want to use him as a mek in the future.  I also put a Kromlech backpack on him, so he would look different than the other meks I’ve modeled using GW back pieces.

The nob will be next as well as more members of the squad.  I’ve enjoyed working on them so far though I must confess I’m not really looking all that forward to building my third trukk.

Next Time: Project Necron.

CSM/Orks vs. Dark Angels: End of Game

Oct 2013 fifth picture csm and orks vs dark angels

TURN FOUR:  The nephilim limped back into the fight.  It bombed a gretchin mob and lined up on the big mek.  The ork drew a bead on his opponent with one hand on the quad gun his half-finished sandwich in the other.  In usual orkish fashion 20mm shells flew in all directions, a menace to both sides.  He only stopped firing when his ammo drums ran dry.  The airplane seemingly disappeared.  Whether disintergrated or the pilot had called it a day who could say through all the smoke and explosions?

The trukk swerved around behind the rhino.  Orks piled out shootas blazing and mobbed the techmarine biker, who fought valiantly but didn’t have a chance against twelve-to-one odds.  Tactical marines burst out of all three doors of their apc.  They were too late to save their battle brother but avenged him with bolter and flame by executing eight of the eleven remaining orks.

No time to finish them off.  A metallic whoosh and snapping of claws as the heldrake plunged toward the marines then climbed.  The daemon turned its head and almost as an after-thought blew a track off their rhino.

Trying to get his men moving, the chaos tactical sergeant surveyed the sniper situation by peering through an aegis fire point.  A bullet ricocheted through the slit and killed a marine crouching next to him.

“Dammit!  That’s fragging it!” he yelled.  “Men, follow me!”

This was personal now.  The sergeant jumped up gesticulating wildly.  His men cheered as they piled over the aegis, some jumping the six foot wall with power armor-assisted boosts, and they ran in a mob toward the scouts.  Their rhino rumbled along behind them.  Its dirge caster beat out a mocking drum solo.

Mortar fire decimated the remaining loyalist tactical marines.  A lucky shell sailed into the rhino’s open top hatch and killed the crew.  Nothing left but a smoking wreck.  A few choppa orks tried to join the fray but couldn’t get past the gretchin in front of them who floated by in slow motion, still under the temporal bomb’s spell.

TURN FIVE:  Though they fought bravely the Dark Angels were annihilated.  Only the dauntless scouts held out on the far lee of their hill.  They fell back from the advancing chaos marines, maintaining disciplined skirmishing routines that would have done credit to fighting men of much greater experience.  Their mission required they live.  It was vital the chapter master learn what they knew.  Somehow communications were jammed yet again.

A scout vanished with only a smoking crater remaining where he stood.  They were suddenly cast in deep shadow.  The heldrake hovered over them silently gloating.

“By Slaanesh they are mine!”  The chaos sergeant shook his fist at the daemon.  “Damn you to the warp!”  He began fishing around for a krak grenade.  Three of his men tried to hand him one at the same time.

Enraged the drake bellowed a challenge, winged over, and bombed the chaos marines in a shit storm of waste promethium and fish oil sludge.  Chaos bolter fire played uselessly over the cyber-dragon’s breast.  It wheeled and bombed them again … and again.  The scouts escaped in the confusion.  They had much to tell their superiors about this unholy alliance between ork and traitor marine.

CSM/Orks vs. Dark Angels: Turns Two & Three

Oct 2013 third picture csm and orks vs dark angels
Greenskins hotfoot it away from Dark Angel nephilim.

TURN TWO: Six bone white terminators appeared in a circle of green light on the biker’s right flank, who then moved out on cue behind the helbrute and up the hill in front of the aegis line.

A terminator pointed at the ground. A wall of blue flame sprang up from his feet, hissing forward in a line catching the helbrute.  The walker exploded.  One biker, about half way up the hill, was incinerated by the blast.

The other terminators turned their weapons on a tightly packed squad of True Ultramarines.  The chaos marines threw themselves to the ground behind their aegis line as their shoulder-to-shoulder numbers were raked by assault cannon, anti-infantry rockets, bolter shells, and scout sniper fire.  One man ignored the order to hit the dirt and lost his head and one arm.

The thunder of jet engines and a green-and-white blur heralded sudden death when a ground attack fighter swooped down on orks and gretchin milling around the wrecked truck.  Boyz fell like wheat to the chattering scythes of twin hurricane bolters and mystic cannon fire.  The remaining greenskins hotfooted it into the ruin.

The rhino, now supported by the techmarine biker, dueled the remaining ork trukk.

Two bikers laid down suppressive fire against the havocs while the rest of the squad jumped the barricade.   Titus smashed his mace down on the Chaos Lord’s shoulder.  The lord’s terminator armor saved his life but not his collar-bone.  Screaming with hatred and pain, he backhanded the chaplain off his bike.  He staggered back clutching at his shoulder, gasping, as his loyalist opponent rolled to his feet in an acrobatic blur, mace of redemption in both hands.

TURN THREE: With battle raging directly in front of them, the big mek picked up a grot fumbling with a battered spyglass. Between the two of them they directed accurate mortar fire onto the terminators.  After high-fiving the gretchin, he stuffed him into his shokk attack gun and blasted pieces of the grot into three terminators’ armor.  The psyker’s head exploded as the spyglass materialized inside his skull.

A wretchedly painted heldrake strafed in over the dark angel plane missing with its talons.  The daemon somersaulted as it passed and vomited auto cannon shells, which punched a hole through the dark angel fighter, disintegrating a hurricane bolter.  The nephilim limped away its engine belching smoke.  Melta and heavy bolter fire from the rhino crisscrossed behind the drake as it banked left for another attack run.

Dark Angel snipers kept the chaos marines pinned down behind their aegis.

The chaplain hammered away at his opponent. The lord parried desperately. He couldn’t mount an effective counter-attack against the priest’s heavy blows. His heavy terminator armor slowed him yet proved almost useless against the loyalist champion’s mace.

Improbably, the havoc champion, ex-Adepta Sororitas “Sister Rachel,” picked up a missile launcher and beat a dark angel to death with it.  Inspired, the other two havocs followed suit and killed their opposing numbers. The dark gods threw a lot of luck the way of the True Ultramarines this battle!

Down on his knees, bloody, his arm useless the beaten chaos lord bowed his head and waited for death.  Titus raised his mace high and split both the chaos lord’s helmet and his head.  He exulted, triumphant but something was wrong.  The priest looked down and realized he’d been impaled through the midsection by the lord’s power sword.

“Loser!” Sister Rachel laughed as visions of assuming the dead chaos lord’s position as well as possessing his diverse and extensive harem danced in her head.

Monday: Game ends!

CSM & Orks vs. Dark Angels: Turn One

Dark Angel bikers attack!

TURN ONE: Dark Angel bikers backed by their darkshroud landspeeder skirted a high plateau and roared up to within striking range of the chaos defenses.  The True Ultramarines blinked and suddenly there was a blob of darkness from which a flock of hungry engines boomed and whined.  A black and gold armored giant rode out from the cloud.   His death’s head helmet marked him as a priest.

“Purge the alien!  Burn the unclean!  Death to Chaos!” Chaplain Titus Exhaltus screamed through his vox caster.  He swept a wicked mace, which laughed with blue lightning, at the defenders in his van.   Scouts popped up from hidden positions on a north-west  hill.  They bounced sniper fire off the helbrute’s head and left arm to no effect.

A lone rhino moved out laterally in the marine back field.  One ork trukk matched the rhino’s maneuvers, angling to get close enough for the boyz to pile out and charge without getting shot up.

The other trukk rolled toward the main action.  The driver, watching the battle develop rather than where he was going plowed into the remains of a bastion wall and tore the front end off his pick-up.  The engine block was lodged in a second story window frame.

“Who put dat dere?”

The boyz piled out and began kibitzing about how to fix their ride.  A few gretchin wandered over, interested as the discussion quickly came to blows.

Meanwhile, True Ultramarines opened up on the bikers, as did ork mortars.  The big guns were mostly out of sight behind the hill and their spotters on top of the bluff were too short to see over the aegis line.  So they were reduced to hand signals and shouting back and forth at the big mek, who had problems of his own trying to figure out how many gretchin he could use as “living ammunition” while still maintaining acceptable artillery crew efficiency, and simultaneously trying to hack into the Dark Angels communications grid with his laptop as well as eat his live squig sandwich lunch.

They managed to kill one biker in a massive if unfocused maelstrom of bolter, anti-tank missile,  grots-fired-through-warp, and lobba fire.

The helbrute stepped gingerly over the defense wall.  The chaos lord had given a long speech an hour before about what would happen to anyone who knocked over his aegis “like last time”.  It fired a random melta shot past Chaplain Exhaltus into the approaching darkness.

“Follow me or die you little pissants!” the walker screamed at a knot of gretchin trying their level best not to be noticed.  They reluctantly obeyed.  It’s a grot’s life.

Meanwhile, the havoc champion swung the quad gun around, swatting aside a snotling trying to climb it, and blew up the Darkshroud speeder with a lucky hit.  The helbrute charged the now revealed bikers.  Terrified yet inspired so did the gretchin.

A couple of plasma shots sizzled past the walker.  Alternating death metal music and canned, heretical yet pro-imperial diatribes from a True Ultramarines rhino’s sound system jammed the bikers’ communications, confusing their defensive fire.  Titus ran over the runt herder.  He was little more than a speed bump and his loyal cohorts accounted for five more greenskins.  The helbrute punched one rider off his motorcycle.  The marine exploded like a rotten watermelon.  His now riderless bike careened into another dark angel then exploded in a hot white ball of plasma.

Switching frequencies, the Dark Angels regained control of their communications and executed a brilliant “angelic wings” maneuver where they retreated from the helbrute in two synchronized circles and ended up behind him.

A gretchin yelled, “Leeeeg It!” and the little guys ran off never to be seen again.

Tomorrow: Turns Two & Three

Chaos Marines & Orks versus Dark Angels

Chaos Marines & Orks versus Dark Angels

1500 Point Armies
Mission: Crusade
Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Warlord Traits: I have no idea what the Dark Angel player rolled. If it mattered then I didn’t notice. I rolled “Hatred Incarnate” which turned out to be kind of handy.

I decided to start playing allies now that more of my friends are building allied lists themselves. In fact my Dark Angel friend showed me some pictures of his well painted kroot he is working on. So I’m using my husband’s Ultramarines to represent my allies while I build my own marines. For now they are the so-called “True Ultramarines”.

Dark Angel Forces
The Dark Angel general was a biker chaplain with a mace of redemption. He led a squad of (I think) 7 bikers, which included some plasma guns, and a banner that gave Feels No Pain. The bike squad was supported by a darkshroud land speeder, which in turn was supported by a biker techmarine. Other forces included a squad of ten tactical marines in a rhino, a nephilim flyer, five deathwing terminators with a terminator psyker, and five scouts.

Orks with Chaos Space Marine Allies
My leader was a terminator Chaos Lord, who I attached to a squad of five havocs, to keep an eye on them. Ten space marines provided further infantry support. The havocs had an attached rhino with a havoc launcher, the other squad a rhino with a dirge caster. I also fielded a helbrute, and an auto cannon heldrake.

The orks were led by a big mek with a shokk attack gun attached to a lobba battery. Troop strength was two small gretchin mobs, and two trukks full of boyz. Finally my forces deployed an aegis line and quad gun.

I placed the aegis line across a hilltop along the middle of my long table edge. (We did narrative terrain and then placed fortifications.)

The Dark Angel player clustered all of this forces in an area across from my aegis line, but blocked by a high plateau probably in case I seized the initiative. His bikers were in the vanguard. I figured his plan was to rush his bikers at whatever was behind my aegis and support them with the rest of his army as needed. That is one problem with placing an aegis line. It serves as a declaration of your set-up intentions.

I marshaled all of my chaos marines behind the aegis. It sure was crowded back there! The ork mortar battery was masked behind the hill with an attached big mek spotting on top of the bluff. I placed my trukks on the other side of the battlefield so they wouldn’t be easy first turn targets. Same with the gretchin. Since there were no objectives their mission was mostly to stay out from underfoot.

After we set up, Nick infiltrated his sniper scouts on the hill to the True Ultramarine left. I’m glad I had wrapped the ends of my barricade around against flankers.

I will post turn one.



My name is Ann and I’ve been a gamer since the mid-1970’s when a friend turned me on to original Dungeons & Dragons and Chainmail. Since then I’ve played a lot of different games. My favorite for the past couple of years has been tabletop Warhammer 40K. I enjoy building and painting the figures as well as playing the game.

I’ve worked part time in a game store for awhile now and with the employee discount and burgeoning trust fund, I woke up one day and realized I could field a decent-sized force of every faction except space elves and sisters!  Up to this point though I’ve mostly been an ork player and painter.

I like to sort of “roleplay” my forces a little in live games and someone suggested that I write up and post the battle reports online that I verbally tell while we are playing the game and rolling some dice. (I don’t do that with everyone — only the players who don’t find it annoying.)

I also enjoy other games and the occasional book. I’ll talk about them too from time to time.  I’m really starting to like the looks of some of those Dark Eldar models and I wonder when they’ll start making Sisters in plastic? *wink*.


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